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In order to VOICE OUR OBJECTIONS TO THIS ACTIVE PERMIT, which is up for renewal in 2018, we need to act now and go on record with the IEPA as residents of the State of Illinois who object to this exception permit, that allows Baxter to operate their own wastewater treatment facility, rather than connect to the public and available wastewater treatment facility that we connect to in our area of Lake County.

Do one of the following:

(1) Simply click here to open and print the attached letter. Sign and date it, including your printed name and address. Then mail it to the IEPA Director of Permitting (found at the top of the letter).


(2) Follow the same directions as above but go to your neighbors and your friends, gathering as many signatures as possible. Print multiple copies of the letter or simply have additional people sign on the same letter. The more individuals who go on record to oppose this permit, the better!

We have also included the text of the letter below, so that you can copy and paste it into your own letter of opposition to the permit. Always be sure to cite the permit number for Baxter: Baxter Healthcare Corporation - NPDES Permit # IL0024074

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