Effluent amounts chart (How Much Baxter Discharges)

At a public meeting with the Lake County Health Department in September 2015, we were presented with information that led us to believe that Baxter was not discharging as much as they really are. A check of Baxter's own reported monthly discharge levels, which they report to the US EPA, we can see that Baxter is consistently discharging over 250,000 gallons per day from their wastewater treatment facility at Outfall 001. In fact, during 2015, the lowest monthly average discharge reported from May 2015 - December 2015 was 315,000 gallons per day while the highest was the averages of 400,000 gallons per day recorded in both October and December 2015. This information can be accessed by reading the effluent charts for Baxter's permit. (source: In order to actually see the month-to-month reported levels, you will need to click on the red box of "All Pollutants" on the US EPA effluent chart webpage and scroll down for all available monthly readings.)

View the Average Millions of Gallons per Day


Per US EPA guidelines, when a violation occurs, there is a 180 day timeframe in which the offender is notified of their non-compliance and actions are taken by the EPA. The violations, which are seen by out-of-bounds readings in Baxter's self-reported findings, are available on the Effluent Charts. When readings are beyond their permit allowances, they are flagged. You will likely be surprised at the levels of chemicals which are allowed to flow into the watershed per the permit. Baxter is also required to report effluent amounts of certain chemicals, for which there is not a maximum load point set on their permit.

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