Homeowners, LLISA, and SPILL representatives attended Lakes Region Sanitary District Meeting.

In 1975, Baxter was granted its first NPDES permit to dump chemically treated wastewater from their Round Lake plant into the watershed that flows directly into Long Lake. That initial permit to pollute was granted 42 years ago when there were no public sewer connections in the vicinity and, while Baxter built a pretreatment plant, Long Lake homes were on a septic system.

The environmental consciousness has certainly evolved over the last 42 years. In the 1970's, every Long Lake homeowner was required to convert from septic and pay to connect to the public sewer system. In the 1980's, the Village of Round Lake and Lake Villa stopped dumping their wastewater into Long Lake. In 2017, Baxter's sewer connection is long overdue.

Our entire community of Long Lake homeowners and residents and the organizations who support us like LLISA (Long Lake Improvement and Sanitation Association) and SPILL (Stop Polluting in Long Lake) have publically stated that Baxter must connect to the public sanitary sewer. The entire Long Lake community has been on a public sewer connection for over 35 years. In 2017, Baxter's sewer connection is long overdue.

Baxter Must Connect Now. The Long Lake Community is united in our position. We, the community of Long Lake, continue to monitor closely Baxter's progress to ensure a connection PRIOR to their existing NPDES permit renewal in May of 2018. We will continue to take our message globally across the internet and to conventional media, to government bodies, to Baxter headquarters, to Baxter's shareholders and to organizations with interests in sustainability merits like the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Thank you to the LRSD (Lakes Region Sanitary District) for your assistance and diligence on the part of your staff in making this connection a reality in the coming months.

Peg Toomey
Long Lake Homeowner
Statement read at the LRDS Meeting on March 9, 2017

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