Getting to Clean Water

Good Stormwater and Best Property Management practices

Use the following links to begin your own research and assess your property. Are you doing everything possible on your own property to prevent stormwater runoff from polluting Long Lake? We can all take responsibility to ensure that the Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which might otherwise drain into our lake, is stopped. Read more about Nutrient Pollution and how that contributes to algae growth on the US EPA Webpage.

Follow good stormwater management practices on your own property. See the following links for tips on managing your own property:
Best Practices from the Lake County Stormwater Commission
Stormwater Management from the University of Illinois Extension office
A Citizen's Guide to Maintaining Stormwater Best Management Practices

Use Long Lake responsibly.
Practice Clean Boating by not dumping trash or fuel in the water.
(1) Respect shorelines as no wake zones
(2) Maintain your motorboat engine and recognize its potential for pollution
(3) Never dump fuel or trash into any lake


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