Baxter's 2016 Exceedance Violations Go to Illinois Attorney General's Office

Baxter was charged with an Exceedance Violations in 2016 for their NPDES permit. An exceedance violation is triggered when Baxter's wastewater exceeds pollutant levels defined in their NPDES permit. The IEPA is authorized to resolve such violations without the involvement of prosecutorial authorities, such as the Illinois Attorney General Office, through the use of a Compliance Commitment Agreement (CCA). A CCA is a written document that contains specific activities that Baxter must take in order to address permit violations as well as timelines for returning to compliance and correcting any environmental harm.

On January 23rd of 2017, the latest FOIA documents show that the IEPA has officially rejected 2 of Baxter's proposed CCAs regarding their multiple permit violations from 2016 and that, due to the seriousness of the violation, resolution might require the involvement of the State's Attorney. Read the entire IEPA letter to Baxter obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Full document. Click here.

On February 10th of 2017, the IEPA provided Baxter with a Notice of Intent to Pursue Legal Action as a result of Baxter's failure to respond adequately to the 2016 permit violations. Baxter requested a meeting with the IEPA an attempt to resolve the violations. Read the entire IEPA letter to Baxter obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Full document. Click here.

Full document. Click here.

On March 7th of 2017, a meeting occurred between the IEPA and Baxter regarding the Notice of Intent to Pursue Legal Action. Baxter was given a March 21st deadline to reach an agreement with the IEPA before the case went to the Illinois Attorney General's Office who has already notified Baxter of their intent to pursue litigation. That date has come and gone!

We thank the Illinois EPA for standing up for the environment and clean water! In addition, the IEPA's investigation into the Illinois Pollution Control Board (PCB)'s investigation is still active. SPILL is waiting to hear whether that investigation will also lead to the Attorney General's Office to pursue legal action against Baxter.

SPILL is committed to making sure that Baxter is accountable for following good environmental practices that include:
#1. Providing a state-of-the-art Pretreatment Plant
#2. Pre-treating their industrial wastewater
#3. Committing to a connection to the public sewer NOW!

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